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Basket Lockers

Basket Locker 2 up x 4 ccross. Shown here with steel frame and baskets with casters. Other colors available.

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Vented lockers, like our steel basket lockers, were utilized in gyms and water recreation centers, and were designed to air out wet clothes and shoes.
Our  2 Up x 4 Accross Custom Basket Lockers are nostalgic, durable and provide a practical way to organize all of life's bits and pieces in a small space. 

Shown: Brushed Steel Clear Coat baskets with a Brushed Steel Clear Coat.

You choose the configuration, color/s and options best suited for you!

  • DIMENSIONS: approx. 26"H X 52"W x 14"D

  • PRICE: Prices vary with added options, please call for pricing 310-945-5438

  • http://www.twentygauge.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/l/bl_2x4_steel_on_casters.jpg



17 colors in any combination 

Configurations in any combination 

Metal number plate 

Pad locker ready


Add tiers (taller) 

Add columns (wider) 

Add legs
Add a bottom shelf 

Glass top 

Wood top 

Casters (wheels) - shown here
Add a cushion

MODERN USAGE: The possibilities are endless when it comes to basket lockers. Because we specialized in customizing to our clients' specifications, we have seen many uses over the years: children's rooms, kitchens, vanities for the bathroom or bedroom, and as lockers in yoga studios and gyms.  We reclaim vintage baskets and basket locker frames that meet our high standards and transform them into exciting storage solutions for the home and office.

ANECDOTE: Lockers of all sizes have accommodated the need for temporary storage for schools, public gyms, pools and beaches. The jury is still out on the exact time frame that steel lockers first appeared on the scene, but we guess that it coincided with the evolution of other steel and stainless steel products.
One of the first college gymnasiums in the United States was built by Harvard University in 1820. Harvard updated that facility in 1860 to house two bowling alleys and a dressing room.

NOTE: These pieces are vintage and although we pride ourselves in hand picking the best possible antique pieces, they all will show "character marks", minor dings and dimples acquired over years of service.


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You're reviewing: Basket Locker 2 up x 4 ccross. Shown here with steel frame and baskets with casters. Other colors available.

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