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Design Services

Your space is an extension of you.

Your home should express who you are and be a place that sets the stage for you to feel. At Twenty Gauge, we’re here to facilitate your design experience – and create life the way you’ve always wanted it to look. Our designs offer lifestyle solutions; functional and beautiful environments to live, work and play in.

Be as comfortable in your home as you are in your own skin.

Whether you prefer jeans and a t-shirt or formal event wear, Twenty Gauge will facilitate the expression of your individual style. Our designers will listen deeply to collaboratively create the type of home you’ve always wanted; a space you look forward to coming home to and luxuriate in the time spent there.

You have arrived.

Life is a journey and your design tastes evolve with your life direction. Design your home with Twenty Gauge to present the most current evolution of you. In addition to managing the complete design and fabrication process, we listen intently to your needs to create your unique lifestyle expression.

Love the place you call home. Call or visit Twenty Gauge at our Los Angeles showroom to arrange for a complementary design consultation.

Call or visit our Los Angeles showroom to arrange for a complementary
consultation and make your brand experience a reality.

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