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Farnham Residence

Farahmand Residence

Brentwood, CA

Benny and Mimi Farnham approached Style de Vie to infuse a feel of eclectic industrial chic into their home combined with traditional classics. The Barnyard door designed and fabricated by Style de Vie was used to cap a modern kitchen, and a horse print selected by Mimi printed on the metal. The bar featured reclaimed wood and iron, combined with modern stools and the bench seating made of the same was soften with a rich velvet palette selected by our designer and Mimi herself, all the while Benny was coming up with us for a design on the bunching tables for Style de Vie to fabricate to size.

The Farahmand residence is an infusion of eclectic industrial chic with traditional classic elements.

Style de Vie designed and fabricated key accent pieces for a personal reflection of the homeowners, such as the equestrian printed metal barnyard door, bunching tables and a bar featuring reclaimed wood, iron and modern stools. A rich velvet palette was used for the bench seating to soften and balance textures.

The couple and the Style de Vie team working closely together came up with a modern classic yet fashionable décor. They used custom designed and fabricated pieces to fit the specific architectural elements of the home, all the while integrating the existing classics the Farahmands had collected over the years

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