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Clients form an opinion of your business the minute they walk in the door.

Office design textures, colors and furnishings are the face of your business; your corporate identity. Is your business a trusted and solid law firm or an ü ber-cool advertising agency? Your interior design sends a message to your clients – you need to be sure it’s the one you want them to hear. Twenty Gauge makes sure that your corporate identity message is loud and clear.

Great interiors are the stage for your team to present ideas and solutions.

Let an interior design professional from Twenty Gauge show you how to maximize comfort and production in your workspace. From the reception area where your clients wait, to conference rooms and workspaces, Twenty Gauge translates your corporate identity into furnishings with aesthetic and ergonomic style.

Make it happen.

Twenty Gauge house designer J.C. Hryb will lead a talented team of architects and contractors to express your corporate identity in a collaborative manner with you. In addition to managing the complete design and fabrication process, we listen intently to your needs to ensure the expression of your corporate message. Every client meeting counts; especially the first one.

Have great meetings/productive days in a space that is the essence of your corporate identity.

Call or visit our Los Angeles showroom to arrange for a complementary
consultation and make your brand experience a reality.

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