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Plaza ItsKatzú, local 118
0 Ave, 37-39 street
San Jose, Costa Rica

Centro Comercial Royal Palms Plaza local #22
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Spring 2009, Jean-Christophe Hryb was asked to go to Costa Rica to consult on the two Atocha stores, one in San Jose, the other in Tamarindo. The owner wanted to update the company feel as well as the look of the stores and give them a fresher, updated look. The store in San Jose need to be a but more “urban modern”, the goal for the Tamarindo store, by the beach, was a more hip tropical feel…

The market remaining very traditional, Jean-Christophe could only take it so far, yet the pictures below illustrate the diffference between the original look of the stores (first row of pictures), and the end result.

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